Kent Glassblowing Class


If you want to get yourself enrolled in a glassblowing class near Kent, WA, contact Tacoma Glassblowing Studio. Whether you are looking to take up glassblowing classes as a hobby or would like to turn it into a skill, you can rely on our studio.

We will help you get a one-on-one session with experts when you opt for our Kent glassblowing class.

Every Kent glassblowing class that we conduct is of a sixty-minute duration. During this time, you are assigned thirty minutes to choose the color and shape of your glass art. The following thirty minutes are designated for you to practice blowing.

When you decide to join our Kent glassblowing class, you will get to work and refine your skills related to the following:

  • Glassblowing tubes
  • Glassblowing torch
  • Glassblowing rods
  • Glassblowing artwork

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Kent Glassblowing Classes


Our Kent glassblowing classes are also an ideal choice for kids above eight years old. Besides, if you would like to try out our glassblowing workshop with your friends and family, you can do so easily.

All you need to do is confirm your seat in our Kent glassblowing classes in advance.

To do so, you can contact our team on the given helpline number. Besides, our Kent glassblowing classes are usually on the weekends, which means you do not have to compromise on your busy schedule.

Ours is one of the best Kent glassblowing classes in the locality because of these reasons.

  • Certified glassblowing class
  • Affordable glassblowing class
  • Glassblowing classes by experts
  • Glassblowing classes for beginners

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Kent Glassblowing Workshop


Enrolling yourself in our Kent glassblowing workshop is not only accessible, but also very affordable. You would not have to spend a fortune to enjoy our glassblowing class. Besides, even if this is your first time trying a Kent glassblowing workshop, you must consider our studio.

Mainly since you get to learn from experienced teachers who are also certified.

If you still have questions regarding our Kent glassblowing workshop, you can ask them with the help of our contact number.

Our team will be happy to address all your inquiries and even share with you the process of participating in our classes. Apart from our Kent glassblowing workshop, you can also contact us for:

  • Memorial glass for loved ones
  • Pet memorial glass
  • Pumpkin ornament art
  • Glassblowing group events

Call Tacoma Glassblowing Studio for a Kent glassblowing workshop!

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