THE Specialty Workshop

*Specialty Glassblowing Experience $195+TAX*

(Bee, Cactus or Snowman)

*Available on specific dates only with limited availability *

Up to 30 minutes per person. Up to one hour total. Age 12+

Shapes are limited to those listed.


The Seasonal Glassblowing Experiences are unique from the Regular Experience, as creating a bee, cactus or a snowman requires the help of two skilled glassblowers instead of one.

For that reason, we offer these sessions on specific days.


Your choice of color(s) for the body, stripe and stinger as well as your choice for the expression (smile, frown or none). Your Bee can either hang or sit with your choice of a clear glass hook or clear glass foot. The wings will be clear and the eyes will be black.


You have many different options for the design of your Snowman! Choose from a top hat or Santa hat with your choice of color(s) for both the hat and the scarf. You can choose to make a short (2 bump) or tall (3 bump) Snowman. The eyes and buttons will be black, carrot nose- orange and you can choose from the lined smile or dotted smile.


Cactus are fun and so is this glassblowing experience. Choose from color of cactus, color of flower and if you want a clear or brown colored patty for it to sit on.

*2024 Specialty EXPERIENCE DATES*

Limited availability – Subject to change – Waitlists available when sessions are full

January 21st

March 9th

April 14th

May 18th

June 16th

July 20th

Nov 9th

Dec 8th

Appointments start at 1 hour in length (30 minutes to design and 30 minutes to create your piece), each additional person will add 30 minutes to your appointment time (two people- 1 ½ hours, three people- 2 hours) depending on availability. This is a one-on-one session with a skilled glassblower, but others may watch. Please book for the number of participants.

Thank you to all of you who have supported our small art-based business for the last 16 years! We feel so grateful and honored to be sharing our passion with others.

*2-Hour Pumpkin Workshop $350+tax*

Up to 2 hours per person. Age 12+

~Available Seasonally. Shapes are limited.


*Seasonal Workshops are offered in the fall and have limited availability*

Sign-ups begin on July 1st online.
These workshops are limited and will fill up quickly.

Ages 14+

In this 2-hour workshop you will make 4-5 pumpkins with the help of a skilled glassblower.

Pumpkin Workshops will be 1:1 with your instructor for the full 2 hours.  Student will make 4-5 pumpkins in the 2-Hour Workshop

*There are some limits to what types of pumpkins can be created*

We want you to have a fun workshop and experience the magic of hot glass. Getting you perfect pumpkins is not the ultimate goal. Your pumpkins will be uniquely yours.

*2024 PUMPKIN WORKSHOP DATES coming in Spring of 2024*

Each workshop day will have 4 sessions;
Session 1
: 09 am – 11 am (8:30 am arrival)
Session 2: 11 am – 01 pm (10:30 am arrival)
Session 3: 02 pm – 04 pm (1:30 pm arrival)

Session 4: 04 pm – 06 pm (3:30 pm arrival)


Limitations and Specifications:
Workshops cannot be shared with another person. If you are scheduling for yourself and a friend, you can book separately at the same time or back-to-back in different sessions.


No open toe shoes/sandals, or synthetic materials. Cotton clothing is best. Best to bring a snack and hydrating drink.

*Sip and Create Events $165+tax*

First Event- Wed Jan 24th 5pm-8pm With Locust Cider

TGS’s first Sip & Create Event! Sip 4 -Four-ounce ciders from Locust Cider in a variety of flavors (21+) and with the help of a skilled Glassblower create a blown glass pint glass. Your pint glass will not be perfect but will be perfectly yours. Pint glass will be available for pick up the following weekend at Locust Cidery in Tacoma.

2805 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 98406
(253) 301-1498

~Upon booking online you will choose a time to create your glass but you will need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior and we suggest staying to enjoy the Cider and good company from 5pm-8pm

-One person, one pint glass, 4-4oz Ciders $165

-Two people, one pint glass, 2x 4-4oz Ciders $180

-Two people, two-pint glasses, 2x 4-4oz Ciders $330

*Blown glass pint classes must be hand washed. No Dishwashing, Microwave or Hot Drinks*

Please email with any questions.