Glassblowing Group Events at Tacoma Glassblowing Studio

glass-blowing-group-events-tacoma If you have a group and are looking for something fun to do, then check out the glassblowing group events we organize here at Tacoma Glassblowing Studio.

We have everything you need for a successful party, no matter what the occasion. Our glassblowing parties are suitable for not only birthdays but also wine tastings, family gatherings, corporate events, and many more! Ages 8 and up.

All members of your group will experience the magic of glassblowing. During our glass blowing parties, each guest will be working closely with one of our skilled instructors from Tacoma Glassblowing Studio to create a hand blown glass piece.

Glassblowing group events are not only fun but also informative. We’re happy to say that a high number of participants at such glass blowing parties have returned to TGS to create again.

Group prices are $5 off per person for 6 or more people. Weekend groups for 2-40 people. Weekday groups need a minimum of 12 people, up to 40 people max.

Groups are welcome to bring in food and drink to make their event special.

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